Ultimate comfort


The SoftClose door function for fully integrated models provides added comfort. No matter how much force you use to close the door, the closing motion is braked so that the door closes softly and quietly. 


The new models come complete with SoftClosePlus: the integrated Soft System also ensures the door closes incredibly gently even when the inner door compartment is full. 



Selected models come complete with SoftTelescope drawers. Drawers with this innovative concept can be fully extended and also feature convenient self-closing runners with a soft-close mechanism. 


Flex Box

The practical FlexBox can be placed pretty much anywhere and offers space for smaller foodstuffs, packages, collapsible tubes and glass containers. 



The innovative ClickShelf system makes adjusting the shelves even easier. You can modify their height and click them into place with one simple action.



A unique rack system allows the CombiCooler and Cooler from the Supreme range to be easily customised. The racks are mounted on rails and their height can be adjusted as desired – there are no pre-defined heights or limits. The racks can even be moved when loaded.


Icemaker innovation

The CombiCooler V6000 Supreme includes an integrated icemaker. The ice cube tray is filled automatically. To operate the ice machine, a water connection is required.


Even more convenient: for only a small increase in the amount of electricity used, you can switch to SilentPlus mode to reduce noise to a minimum.