In the new Adora SLQ automatic washing machine, water plays a varied role


In the new Adora SLQ automatic washing machine, water plays a varied role

Proving once again its superior expertise in the use of water, V-ZUG’s groundbreaking innovations have achieved a quantum leap in laundry care.

The steam anti-crease setting heralds the welcome dawn of a new, more convenient era of laundry care. Adora SLQ is the first automatic washing machine to smooth out creases with steam, which it does so thoroughly that ironing is mostly unnecessary. Washed gently, spun gently and treated with steam, laundry ends up with considerably fewer, softer creases than usual. The steam anti-crease setting does away with much of the ironing: what a load off your shoulders! Who would shed a tear if they never had to iron again?! Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief  with the new Adora SLQ, thanks to the anti-mite setting (likewise a world innovation) and the skin-protection setting. 

The world’s first Vibration Absorbing System (VAS)

With the VAS actively compensating for imbalance when spin-drying, the new Adora SLQ runs particularly smoothly and therefore quietly. Much less structure-borne noise is generated and its transmission to adjoining rooms is reduced enormously. This makes the Adora SLQ perfect for use in apartments or air-tight houses such as those built to Minergie standards. 

Measurements of noise emissions were performed under simulated conditions in the building technology lab at Geberit AG. Compared with other automatic washing machines of similar specifications, they found that the Adora SLQ is the only one to fulfil the heightened requirements of the SIA 181 standard in all operating points measured.

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