The Combi-Steamer from V-ZUG is the very epitome of healthy cooking

The Combi-Steamer from V-ZUG is the very epitome of healthy cooking
Healthy cooking is just as much a part of modern life as the desire to be the perfect host. The Combi-Steamer from V-ZUG can help achieve both by making cooking easier and supporting a variety of intelligent programmes that allow the simple preparation of various dishes and inspire new culinary ideas.

Unlimited possibilities
The Combi-Steamer from V-ZUG can do practically everything - steaming a healthy menu with various side-dishes at the same time, baking a loaf of bread, gently roasting a tender cut of meat to perfection, quickly reheating some food, or cooking without a recipe with the sophisticated BakeOmatic functionality – making for very special culinary delights. Even gently defrosting meat, making home-made yoghurt, desiccating fruit or sterilizing a baby’s bottle are possible.

Gourmet menus at the press of a button
Combi-Steamers from V-ZUG are also popular with top chefs. People like 2014 Chef of the Year Tanja Grandits and Andreas Caminada, proud holder of 19 Gault-Millau points and 3 Michelin stars, rely on the capabilities of the Combi-Steam. They use it not only for cooking in their own professional kitchens and at events but also to devise new recipes provided as a source of inspiration. This includes things like the most revolutionary cooking method of recent decades: Thanks to temperature selection down to the last degree, the Vacuisine function (sous-vide cooking) enables dishes to be perfected in every regard, from the flavour, quality and freshness all the way through to the appearance.

An ideal couple
The capabilities of the Combi-Steamer can be put to really effective use when combined with an oven. Two separate cooking spaces add flexibility for cooking. This makes it possible to prepare the starter, side-dishes and dessert in the Combi-Steamer while the meat is gently roasting in the oven.

Simple to maintain and clean
A seamless cooking space makes cleaning child’s play. Because only pure steam is involved, the inside is guaranteed to be free of limescale traces.

Good investment
Buying a steamer is something that needs thinking through. V-ZUG runs free cooking demonstrations before the decision to buy is made and also offers its customers groundbreaking services after the purchase. Home advice is just as much as part of the package as the included recipe books and hundreds of other inspiring recipes available online.

Swiss made
The Combi-Steam from V-ZUG is designed and produced in Zug.