Wide range of functions

Short cycle button

The short cycle button reduces the running time of the selected programme by up to 30%.


This programme allows fabrics made of cotton and synthetics to be washed together without having to go to the trouble of sorting them first.


This programme washes your trousers and jackets made of tough denim at 60°C so gently that they retain their colour and look like new for as long as possible.


This programme can be used to wash babywear and clothes for particularly vulnerable people (such as allergy sufferers). The longer warm phases and additional rinse cycle make the programme especially hygienic.

Delicates 20°C

To clean them, delicates can be washed energy-efficiently at 20°C. The items are washed with gentle wash actions and without intermediate spinning.


This function allows you to save your favourite combinations quickly and easily at the press of a button.


This programme is ideal for washing lightly soiled cotton fabrics or to quickly dry smaller washes.


With this function, an additional rinse cycle is added after the main wash. This serves to greatly reduce the risk of vulnerable people (such as small children and allergy sufferers) suffering skin irritations.

Easy iron

The load is washed particularly softly and carefully, and spun gently. Far fewer creases and folds form and ironing becomes much easier.