FAQ Coffee-Center


With an automatic coffee machine from V-ZUG, do I have to use a particular brand of coffee?

The Supremo SL/XSL coffee centre uses coffee beans. This gives you complete freedom to explore the fascinating, diverse world of coffee.

Where can I install the new Supremo SL/XSL coffee centre?

A coffee centre integrated into the kitchen front is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also a space saver. You can install it in a tall or wall cabinet.

What does it take to make a good cup of coffee?

Apart from the quality of the coffee beans and the blend, the right grinding technique is crucial. The more evenly the coffee is ground and dosed, the better the result. The Supremo SL features an innovative new ceramic grinder that fulfils these requirements and creates an intensively aromatic coffee that will simply sweep you off your feet.

What is the purpose of the hot water and steam nozzle?

The nozzle produces hot water for tea and other hot drinks. It also lets you conveniently froth cold milk for a delicious cappuccino or hot chocolate.