Plus X Award 2014 – accolades for five V-ZUG products


Plus X Award 2014 – accolades for five V-ZUG products
Technology and innovation leader V-ZUG has received the prestigious Plus X Award 2014 for no less than five products.

The award
The Plus X Award was inaugurated in Germany over ten years ago. Today, it is the most important competition in the world for the most innovative products, picking out manufacturers for the quality and innovation edge of their products. Innovation is the foundation for lasting success at any company, with consumers benefiting directly from the advances that are made as a result. The Plus X Award identifies precisely those innovations that make our life easier and more pleasant, while protecting the environment at the same time. The seal helps consumers make an informed buying decision by enabling them to quickly and easily identify spot the products that genuinely are innovative and top quality. This all means the recognised V-ZUG products are acknowledged as being extremely innovative, ecologically sustainable and highly functional.

The REFRESH-BUTLER has revolutionised fabric care, removing unpleasant cooking odours from silk dresses and folds or creases from suits. In future, it will be possible to refresh, remove creases, sanitise and dry high quality, exclusive fabrics at home thanks to photocatalysis. The effectiveness of the functions has been ranked ‘good’ by renowned testing institutes in Germany and Switzerland (Hohenstein Institute, wfk and TESTEX).

Furthermore, V-ZUG rolled out the first washing machine in the world to feature an integrated heat pump. This makes the Adora SLQ WP the most efficient washing machine (energy efficiency: A+++ - 40%, spinning efficiency: A, 0 Watt stand-by mode), helping to effectively protect the environment load by load. Furthermore, thanks to its patented Steam anti-crease, WetClean and Anti-mite functions, the Adora SLQ WP satisfies demanding customers who do not want to accept any compromises in terms of fabric care.

The patented SteamFinish technology employed in the Adora SL WP dishwasher uses pure steam to finish glasses, cutlery and crockery at the end of the rinsing process, thus ensuring spot-free cleanliness and a sparkling brightness. Demanding gourmets and wine-lovers can use glasses straight from the dishwasher to serve their personal favourites without any residual trace of salt flavour. Even the most delicate glasses and decorative items made of high quality porcelain are suitable for the gentle steam treatment. V-ZUG is the first manufacturer in the world to integrate a high-efficiency heat pump in the dishwasher, thus reducing power consumption by almost half (energy efficiency: A+++ - 40%, 0 Watt stand-by mode). The 17-minuten Sprint programme is a further highlight that has proved extremely popular in the kitchen. The appliances will be available in the international V-ZUG markets from the fourth quarter of 2014.

The first induction hob to feature Convenient Cooking functionality ensures that cooking is a relaxed pastime. The GK46TIAKS hobs feature the world-exclusive Rice Control, Cooking Control and Temperature Control functions. These make it possible to prepare frequently used dishes like rice and pasta at the press of a button without having to waste time watching the hob.

The Combi-Steam XSL impressed the panel of judges not only with its appearance but also its pre-programmed intelligent usage concept. Besides its remarkable cooking space volume of 51 litres, the Combi-Steam XSL also features the exclusive BakeOmatic function. This provides for the perfect climate in the cooking space at all times, thanks to an actively controlled ventilation valve and a sophisticated sensor system. The Combi-Steam constantly monitors how well cooked the dish is, automatically determining the cooking time, the operating mode, the climate and so on, irrespective of the food’s weight and size. And the patented Soft-roasting function ensures that meat dishes are ready to serve exactly when you want. The meat is cooked to perfection fully automatically, and there is no need to enter the weight and size here either.

With the Vacuisine function integrated in the Combi-Steam XSL, V-ZUG is bringing the sophisticated sous-vide cooking method to home kitchens and ensuring simple, accurate results. Putting the ingredients under vacuum places a protective plastic wrapping tightly around the food to be cooked. This protective wrapping helps to optimally retain the natural aroma and the appetizing colour of the food being steamed. Vacuisine offers more, not just for your senses but also for your health. Gentle cooking under a vacuum helps to retain healthy nutrients better. Furthermore, the vacuum has beneficial effects on texture. Cooked fish does not disintegrate, for instance, and even cooked vegetables retain their crispy freshness. Vacuisine preparation involves using low temperatures that help meat and fish to obtain a level of tenderness that would never be possible with conventional cooking techniques.

To ensure that particularly attractive results are achieved with gentle cooking, it is essential for the temperature of the steam to be controlled accurately. For this reason, the steam temperature in the new generation Combi-Steam XSL can be selected down to the last degree from 30 to 100°C. In this regard, the Combi-Steam appliances from V-ZUG guarantee maximum temperature accuracy at a ground-breaking high level. Furthermore, climate sensors ensure the best possible distribution of steam inside the cooking space. Details like this are essential for perfect results and also the reason why gourmets rely on PREMIUM SWISS QUALITY from the V-ZUG stable.

The following products have won the Plus X Award:

V-ZUG REFRESH-BUTLER fabric care systemInnovation, high quality, functionality
V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washing machineInnovation, high quality, functionality, ease of use, ecology
V-ZUG Adora SL WP dishwasherInnovation, high quality, functionality, ease of use, ecology
GK46TIAKS/F/C induction hobHigh quality, ease of use
Combi-Steam SL/XSL steamerInnovation, high quality, functionality, ease of use

In addition, the Adora SLQ WP washing machine, the Adora SL WP dishwasher, the REFRESH-BUTLER and the Combi-Steam SL/XSL have all been named Product of the Year 2014.

With this whole load of innovation, V-ZUG was nominated for the Most Innovative Brand award in 2014. The prizes will be awarded in the German Bundestag on June 5, 2014.