The new Combi-Steam XSL excels in more than just size


The new Combi-Steam XSL excels in more than just size

It is large, its huge capacity of 51 litres making it practically limitless. It is intelligent, consistently following through on its operating philosophy with plain text display and "type and go" functionality. It impresses with great lines, has a distinct eye for beauty and enjoys strong sensual perception. The item in question is the new Combi-Steam XSL from V-ZUG.

ZUG, the innovation leader in sensor technology
Besides its impressive size, the Combi-Steam XSL also features the world-exclusive Roastomatic function. The perfect climate is achieved in the cooking space by an active ventilation valve and climate sensors operating as part of the exclusive Climate Control System (CCS). The steamer senses how well cooked the dish is and automatically determines the cooking time, the operating mode, the climate and so on, irrespective of size and weight. This ensures that your dishes are prepared in the gentlest way possible. And shortly after starting, the cook already knows exactly when the meal will be ready.

World exclusive GourmetSteaming – five-star menus at the press of a button

The GourmetSteaming setting brings maître de cuisine skills right into your own home. Several dozen recipes from top chefs are pre-programmed in the Combi-Steam XSL. You choose the one you want, press the right button, and the appliance does exactly the same as the star chef does in his kitchen. This is what allows us to offer you a guarantee of success that not only gives you peace of mind but might also turn you into a keen amateur cook. Indeed, V-ZUG technology makes you a master chef.

Aesthetics and functionality combined
ZUG is rolling out a new range of Euronorm appliances with heights of 45cm. The water tank in the Combi-Steam XSL is elegantly hidden behind the operating panel, which makes it possible to accommodate the massive stainless steel cooking space with a capacity of 51 litres. The panel flap lifts gently at the press of a button, which means that you don't have to open the appliance door to refill the water. And if you like, you can even set the panel to open automatically if the water starts to run short.

The new steamers from ZUG are made for you to enjoy – particularly when really put through their paces, as cooking makes more demands in terms of ideas and imagination than practically any other activity at home. The challenge is to delegate routine tasks to state-of-the-art kitchen appliances so that the head chef has more time for new creations.

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