The many advantages of the new Premira line

    • Built-in range hood for hidden installation
    • Wall and island hoods with flat design (front height only 55 mm)
    • Wall and island hoods available in mirror-glass design
    • Built-in range hood available in ChromeClass and mirror-glass design
    • Simple to install
    • Economical LED lighting
    • Adjustable FlexLED, 2700–4000 kelvin
    • ComfortFix, convenient handling and fixing of the metal grease filter
    • Economical BLDC motors
    • SilentPlus, runs extremely quietly
    • Built-in range hoods with widths of up to 120 cm
    • Total height of hood is flexible, accommodating low or high ceilings
    • Elegant controls in the form of touch buttons 
    • Premium activated charcoal filters
    • Large filter surfaces for excellent odour removal
    • Lower total hood height


The forced convection versions of the new wall and island hoods together with the built-in range hoods in the Premira line offer the following benefits:

  • Premium, maintenance-free activated charcoal filter packages lasting up to five years
  • Simple to install and remove the activated charcoal
  • Large filter areas, very good odour absorption
  • Low total hood height
  • Quiet running

Cleaning range hoods / grease filters

There is room for all grease filters in an Adora dishwasher – a practical solution as only regularly cleaned filters retain their effectiveness.

Premira filters