Vacuum drawer

With the vacuum drawer, you can break new culinary ground.

The vacuum drawer makes it easy to vacuum-seal dishes perfectly in suitable bags, either for storage purposes or as preparation for Vacuisine©: sous vide cooking in the combi-steam cooker with precise temperature control to the exact degree. Vacuum-packed dishes keep better and for longer compared to other preservation methods. For food to have a long shelf life, it has to be of impeccable quality in the first place and be stored in the refrigerator or freezer compartment.

Vacuum-sealing meals or ingredients in a vacuum bag prevents the substances from reacting with the ambient air and ensures that the safety and quality of the food are not affected by the air humidity.

  • A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet are among the top global trends.
  • Awareness of healthy, fresh food is increasing rapidly.
  • The vacuum drawer supports this trend throughout the entire cooking process.

More than just a vacuum appliance
Unlike most free-standing appliances, a vacuum is created not just in the bag itself, but also in the entire chamber in the vacuum drawer. This now also makes it possible to store foods with a high liquid content or even completely liquid dishes (soups, sauces, etc.) in a vacuum.