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Product imageSteamer cookbook Stefan Meier in French

Steamer cookbook Stefan Meier in French

... Stylish, sophisticated dishes. The second edition of the Stefan Meier cookery book again delights with a range of dishes. From soups and starters to vegetarian dishes, fish and shellfish. Also feature ...

  • Art. no.: J677019

Product imageRecipe book 'Magical Steaming' in German (CH)

Recipe book 'Magical Steaming' in German (CH)

... Whether you're mad about mussels, a ravioli connoisseur or a vegan who loves gratin dishes, this cookbook is packed with delicious recipes to suit all tastes. ...

  • Art. no.: J23003014

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in English (Int.)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in English (Int.)

... 52 marvellous recipes for every occasion, summarised in a beautiful book. Available and can be activated for the CSSE, CSSL and CSTMSLQ models. ...

  • Art. no.: J21021923