The favourites button – your favourite programme at the touch of a button
You can use this function to store your favourite programme, so that you can access it quickly and easily.

Hot air – produce a gratin in half the time with combi mode
With the hot air operating mode, your microwave provides a quick and easy way to bake bread and puff pastry. Furthermore, with combi mode your microwave can prepare food in half the time of a normal oven.

CombiCrunch for crisp, golden brown dishes
This operating mode combines a microwave and a grill. Thanks to the CombiCrunch plate, your pizzas and cheesecakes will be beautifully golden brown on the top and perfectly crispy on the bottom.

AutomaticPlus – the automatic programme
Achieve the perfect results in an instant, thanks to up to 31 automatic programmes – whether you are defrosting foods properly with PerfectDefrost, heating food, crispy baking, baking, cooking, melting or thawing.