6 good reasons


V-ZUG has been writing household history since 1913
Here are a few pioneering performances of the last decade which set the standard worldwide

  • 2004 World first Steam Anti-Crease setting on the Adora washing machine
  • 2007 World first GourmetSteam programme in the Combi Steam SL steam oven
  • 2008 World first Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) on the Adora Washing Machine
  • 2009 The fully automatic AutoCook on the new range of ovens
  • 2012 World innovation SteamFinish for the dishwasher
  • 2013 World-exclusive washing machine featuring heat pump technology
  • 2015 World-exclusive Combi-Steam MSLQ: healthy, even faster steaming


When necessary, V-ZUG even uses precious stones in the production process
Superior innovative power together with premium Swiss quality – that’s V-ZUG! For decades we have rigorously maintained that proverbial Swiss quality. In the picture above, for example, you can see the ruby tip of a highly sensitive measuring stylus controls the size, form and position of the holes in our unique Gentle Drum. For the most discering customers in the world V-Zug is the brand of choice and preference.


With V-ZUG you belong to a privileged club of people who enjoy the very best in all spheres of their lives
Whether it is cooking, washing the dishes or doing the laundry, with V-ZUG’s many world firsts you enjoy not only the benefits of using them but also an appealing feeling of exclusivity. We patent and legally protect our innovations – and only these innovations provide the highest level of precision.


We think about the future
What will nature look like to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren? We can demonstrate V-ZUG’s environmental credentials with tangible facts. We have been ISO 14001 certified for many years. The energy used to manufacture each appliance has been halved in recent years. In Switzerland V-ZUG is the leading partner of the Minergy (minimum energy) association. Our appliances are almost exclusively to be found in the most energy efficient classes. And the Adora TSL WP heat pump dryer was recently named Europe’s most energy efficient dryer (according to Euro-TopTen).

Logistics centre

An imposing symbol for the future
Another visible symbol for V-ZUG is the new logistics centre. Every detail of this monumental building is designed according to the latest knowledge and it is almost self-sufficient when it comes to energy. The latest solar panels and recuperator motors produce practically the same amount of energy as the building itself consumes.


Long live longevity!
We have known for generations that kitchen and laundry appliances need to be able to withstand a few things. That is why V-ZUG has long been synonymous with robustness and longevity. If it comes from V-ZUG it runs absolutely reliably thanks to high quality materials, the most modern manufacturing methods and a highly skilled workforce.