Fast, gentle & economical – the new Adora heat-pump dryers


Fast, gentle & economical – the new Adora heat-pump dryers

The new Adora heat-pump dryer is a real wonder in terms of speed, gentleness and economy. This pioneering innovation demonstrates very plainly both the technical expertise and ecological awareness of the market leader V-ZUG AG.

A look inside a technical wonder. A high-efficiency heat pump recuperates warmth from the process cycle, which is then used for gentle drying at a low temperature. With no heating required, not only does the process use up to 50% less energy, but it is also perfect for delicate fabrics.

Top speed. The new Adora TSL WP boasts drying times that conventional dryers can only equal with higher energy consumption. On the Top Speed setting, for example, it completes the cycle in just 90 minutes. So you can be a model of ecological conservation and still have your washing home and dry faster. 

Save over 40% energy. Washing and drying account for roughly 22% of domestic energy consumption. Unlike conventional dryers, the use of heat pump technology earns it the top energy-efficiency class A label. In fact, ZUG even manages to undercut the exacting standards by 40%. 

Perfect for the home of the future. Houses built to modern, energy-efficient construction (Minergie) standards have an air-tight shell and excellent insulation. The new Adora heat-pump dryer with its low moisture release is obviously the perfect choice here. A ‘tropical climate’ becomes a thing of the past.

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