Cocktail finger foods

Professional baking

Are you expecting guests for cocktails? In that case, fun finger foods are the perfect accompaniment. With the «Professional baking» heating mode set at 210 °C, puff pastry becomes amazingly light and airy within 20 minutes. The individual appetizers can be easily separated without breaking apart.
Praise will be heaped on you for your snacks at every cocktail party. If only the people knew that they should actually praise your steamer from V-ZUG - food preparation is child's play.


Hot air humid

A perfect gratin has a nice, crispy crust on top. But how do you stop the upper layers of the gratin drying out and becoming hard?

The answer from your V-ZUG steamer is "Hot air humid".
The steam produced during baking is largely retained in the cooking space, ensuring the food retains its moisture. So the top layer stays wonderfully crisp, but doesn't dry out.

Vegetable terrine


Do you order terrine in a restaurant or buy it ready-made? It's such trouble to make! The impractical water bath that you have to check constantly.

With V-ZUG steamers, this is a thing of the past. You fill the dish with the mixture, put it into the cooking space and steam the terrine at 100°C for around 60 minutes. No need to check on it, the steamer does that for you.

Caramel flan


Is crème caramel the favourite dessert in your family? And maybe yours, too? With your V-ZUG steamer, you don't have to go to the trouble of setting up a double-boiler any more. Preparation is much, much easier.

Simply fill the moulds, steam at 90°C and the crème caramels are ready in a couple of minutes. As they are cooked very gently in the V-ZUG steamer, they gain a smooth, creamy consistency. Delicious!