Hot air plus steaming

Hot chestnuts make even the gloomiest autumn day bearable. And there's no better hand warmer on a cold winter day. Did you know that you can also make chestuts in the V-ZUG steamer? And they taste just as good as if you bought them from the chestnut vendor around the corner.

How it works:
Cut a deep gash in the chestnuts, line a stainless steel tray with baking parchment, and arrange the chestnuts on the tray. Select the program «Hot air plus steaming» and set the temperature at 200 °C. After 15 to 30 minutes (simply test a chestnut every few minutes) you can call out «get your hot chestnuts here.»

Your chestnuts will not dry out in the steamer, because the «Hot air plus steam» heating program allows you to control the steam supply.



Yogurt is a wonderful and healthy snack, because it contains a lot of calcium, which isn't just important for kids.

It's easy to make your own yoghurt in your V-ZUG steamer.
Mix natural yoghurt and milk and cook in the steamer at 40°C. It is important to ensure that the milk and yoghurt have the same fat content. The milk "seeded" with yoghurt also turns into yoghurt. Because this takes quite a while, you should put the milk/yoghurt mixture in the steamer in the evening and initiate the Delayed start function. Next morning, you'll get to enjoy your fresh yoghurt for breakfast.

The yogurt is especially good when you mix in your favorite fruit at the end.


Hot air

Muffins are a small but nice midday snack.
For your children, surprise guests and not forgetting you yourself.

How does it work? Set the «actual hot air» operating mode to 180 °C, select preheating, wait for preheating to finish, then place the muffins in the hot appliance. After 20 to 30 minutes, the smell in the kitchen will be irresistible.