CombiCookTop V4000: A hob with a range hood and flexible cooking zones

The new CombiCookTop V4000 by V-ZUG has a range hood integrated into the glass of the hob. This means cooking vapours are extracted from exactly where they are generated. Each cooking zone on the CombiCookTop V4000 is fitted with four ZoneFlex induction coils. These automatically recognize the pan size and position, and connect to form a bridge with no manual intervention. The two cooking zones to the right and left of the range hood can be used as one large area for a casserole, or for two saucepans as usual. Thanks to the memory function, you can also move the pans around inside the cooking zone as required without losing the pre-set power level. Operation via the touchscreen graphic display is intuitive. The CombiCookTop V4000 has been modified to match the design of the Excellence Line, and can be combined with all the appliances of this generation.