New energy labels – V-ZUG awarded unique top rating for the AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump

Since 1995, consumers have been guided by the energy label when buying household appliances. On 1 March 2021, new and more stringent energy labelling will come into force. The introduction of the new energy labels with a return to the familiar, standardized energy efficiency scale of A (the best) to G (the worst) will once again provide greater transparency when comparing appliances. V-ZUG’s AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump is the only dishwasher on the market to be awarded the incredible energy efficiency rating of A. Their unique technology and economical programmes make these Adora appliances more environmentally friendly than any other dishwasher.

The OptiStart, energy saving and partial load options plus automatic programmes reduce energy consumption even further. With the AutoOpen function, the door is automatically opened at the end of the programme. The dishwasher can also be connected to the hot water supply, saving even more energy.