6 good reasons


Pioneering achievements since 1913
The history of V-ZUG is synonymous with the history of modernising Swiss housework. Our pioneering achievements are constantly setting standards in terms of operating convenience, design and environmental protection.


  • 2012: The world-exclusive SteamFinish for dishwashers
  • 2013: The world’s first washing machine with heat pump technology 
  • 2015: The world-exclusive Combi-Steam MSLQ enabling healthy and even faster steaming
  • 2017: The world-exclusive Party programme with a rinse programme lasting only 11 minutes
  • 2019: The world-exclusive DualDry for drying laundry in a room or in the drum 
  • 2020: The new Adora dishwasher range boasts a modern panel design and OptiLift – for even greater convenience when washing up.

First-class Swiss quality

Much more than just high-quality appliances
Our products are known for their high quality and reliability. As a Swiss company, it is important that our products are manufactured right here at home so that we can fulfil the highest quality standards. However, quality means far more than first-class materials and precise Swiss craftsmanship – it also includes functionality, design, sustainability, digital development and faultless service throughout the entire appliance lifetime. In other words, quality represents a passion for each and every detail.


Going the extra mile
We attach great importance to precise details – because sophisticated details on a small scale lead to innovative strength and premium quality on a large scale. Our Special Care Drum with 14,000 holes, for example, which provides particularly gentle laundry care during every wash cycle, or our sophisticated Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) – invented right here in Zug – for particularly quiet washing. And let’s not forget our pioneering innovations in terms of appliance networking – for even greater customer satisfaction and the constant development and improvement of our products.


Reliable and robust
Many generations have shown that kitchen and laundry appliances have to withstand a lot. V-ZUG has therefore long been synonymous with robustness and durability. Anything that comes from V-ZUG runs totally reliably – thanks to its high-quality materials, state-of-the-art production methods and highly qualified employees. And all this is demonstrated by our guarantee on functions, covering up to 15 years.

Production site

A symbol for the future
V-ZUG is the only company in the industry which is wholeheartedly committed to developing and manufacturing its products in the heart of Switzerland – from our home in Zug. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we are working on the visionary «Technology Cluster Zug» project with Metall Zug AG and the Zug municipal authorities to safeguard this Swiss industrial and production hub. By 2033, our production site will have undergone numerous renovation projects to make it fit for the future, and we will also be helping to build a new, pioneering district in the areas that are freed up. 


Thinking one step ahead
The concept of sustainability is deeply ingrained in our vision and strategy as well as in our philosophy of how V-ZUG can help shape the future of our environment, society and economy. For us, acting in a sustainable way means living up to our responsibility in every aspect of our work: producing energy-efficient appliances, maintaining resource-efficient processes and sustainable partnerships and developing concepts such as our logistics centre, which is virtually self-supporting in terms of energy.