If it is to be a success, fish needs to be treated tenderly. Reducing the temperature of your V-ZUG steamer to 80°C cooks the fish so gently that the delicate fish protein is not destroyed. Cooking takes between 5 and 25 minutes, depending on the type and size of the fish.
We're sure that fish will be on your menu more often than just on Good Friday in the future.

Chicken breast with vegetables and rice


It is not always easy to cook enough healthy food. But V-ZUG steamers make it easy. You can steam entire menus in a single cooking step. Here is an example featuring chicken breasts with vegetables and rice:
Put the rice into a cooking tray with enough water and the vegetables into a second cooking tray. Set the steamer to 100°C. Briefly open the steamer after around 10 minutes and put in the chicken breasts. Everything is ready after another 20 minutes. It couldn't be any simpler!

Cooking with steam simply has a lot of advantages. Nothing gets burnt. The rice evenly absorbs the water and becomes light and fluffy. The vegetables retain their flavor and color; vitamins and minerals don't boil away. Healthy cooking doesn't get any easier than this.

Our tip: the chicken breast turns a particularly beautiful shade of pink when you coat it with red pesto sauce before putting it in the steamer.

Ready-made meals


Even if you like cooking, sometimes you're simply in a hurry. That's the time to quickly heat a ready meal in your V-ZUG steamer - without losing any quality or moisture, and just like freshly prepared.

Are they all coming home hungry at different times again? You can regenerate ready meals in the steamer at any time in minutes.