Feel good

Feeling good using steam – in the kitchen and elsewhere

V-ZUG steamers ensure worry-free and stress-free cooking. They play a role in the fact that you feel good in your kitchen, which hopefully has an impact your everyday life in general.

But there's more to feeling good. Health is an important factor, and health begins with what you have on your plate. With a steamer, you have the best prerequisites for balanced and healthy cooking. No other cooking method is as gentle as pressure-free steaming, and steaming retains more vitamins and minerals than boiling. Healthy eating is possible without a lot of studying and learning what you should and shouldn't eat.

Feeling good isn't just a result of what you eat. In our restless times, active relaxation is also important. Incorporating simple exercises in your everyday life (for example, while the steamer is cooking dinner) are a good foundation. One special way of gaining a sense of wellbeing now and again is classic, hot baths or steam baths, because your body cherishes warmth and steam just as much as your food does.

When your steam cooker becomes a little wellness oasis

Why not make your guests feel like they are in a Gourmet Temple Asian restaurant or on a first-class flight by surprising them with a moist, warm, refreshing towel? Oshibori, as they are known in Japan, for example, can be easily prepared to perfection in the steam cooker in just a few steps. A special touch that will delight your guests.

And that's not all: cherry stone cushions, which are in high demand during the cold months, hot stones for massages or hot wraps can also be prepared to perfection at the touch of a button.

When you need to ensure hygiene as well as cleanliness.

Families with small children or households that produce and store home-made food will really value the new hygiene applications.

Baby bottles, dummies or other baby items can be sterilised in the steam cooker without any great effort. Bottling jars can also be prepared to perfection and preserved after filling. These applications do not require pans or the several litres of water that might otherwise be used. Simply put everything into the steam cooker and start the application. Job done! This even provides a small contribution to protecting the environment.