Sustainable housekeeping: do something positive for the environment and yourself

Half of Swiss households use at least one V-ZUG appliance. As electric appliances account for a significant proportion of the energy consumption in a household, the Swiss market leader carries a great deal of responsibility when it comes to matters of ecology. V-ZUG not only takes this responsibility very seriously, it also embraces it. At V-ZUG, sustainable thinking starts with production at the Zug site and extends to the individual households where EcoManagement should raise awareness amongst the appliance users and motivate them to act in an environmentally friendly manner in the home. Sustainability is a mindset at V-ZUG and it has been firmly anchored in the company for over 100 years. V-ZUG not only takes responsibility for the environment, but also for the economy and society – and this goes beyond the company itself. As one of the largest employers in the Zug region and the Swiss market leader in the household appliance sector, V-ZUG fulfils its remit of making an impact both today and in the future.