Vegetable terrine Italia

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250 g frozen green peas
200 g cauliflower, small florets
100 g carrots, peeled, diced
3 tbsp full cream
3 eggs, each at least 63 g
Ginger, freshly grated
Put the vegetables in the perforated cooking tray and put the tray into the cold cooking space at level 2. Steam 100 °C, 20 minutes.
Puree each vegetable separately, mixing 1 tbsp full cream, 1 egg, salt, pepper and nutmeg with each.
Season the carrot mixture with freshly grated ginger. Press the pea mixture through a sieve to remove the skins.
Line the terrine mould with cling film, leaving enough spare to cover the terrine, once filled. Put the carrot, cauliflower and pea mixtures into the mould, in that order. Cover the terrine with cling film.
Place the terrine mould on to the stainless steel tray and put at level 2 of the cold cooking space. Steam 100 °C, 20 minutes.
Remove the cling film from the top of the terrine. Allow the terrine to stand for at least 20 minutes, then turn it out and slice it.


You can eat the terrine hot or cold.

  • Perforated cooking tray, 2/3 GN
  • Triangular terrine mould, 0.45 l
  • Stainless steel tray, 2/3 GN
Quantity Ingredient
3 tbsp full cream
100 g carrots
250 g frozen green peas
3 eggs, each at least 63 g
200 g cauliflower

Customer reviews (1)

  • Corinne C.

    Customer review in French

    Version vapeur

    February 25, 2018

    Recette faite avec mon combi-vapeur Zug. Toute la recette reste identique sauf le mode de cuisson, et à la place des petits pois, j'ai mis des brocolis frais. Cuisson des légumes à la vapeur 100° pendant 20 minutes / enfourner la terrine en mode vapeur à 100° pendant 40 minutes. Excellent, à refaire !

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