Caramelized carrot soup

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600 g carrots, peeled
90 g butter
4 g bicarbonate of soda
½ bunch of tarragon, chopped
2 dl single cream
2 g salt
6½ dl water
10 g salt


Slice the carrots, put into the porcelain dish and mix well with the bicarbonate of soda. Add the butter. Put the porcelain dish on the glass dish in the cold cooking space. Cook (1st step).
Blend the tarragon, single cream and salt to a foam with a hand blender, holding it at an angle to get more air into the mixture.
Add the water and salt to the carrots and continue to cook (3rd step). Finely purée the soup, dish up and garnish with the tarragon foam.

Cooking steps

Hot air + steaming 230°C for 18 Mins | PowerPlus level 10
Add ingredients
Microwave with 600W for 4 Mins
  • Porcelain dish ⅓ GN
  • Original glass dish
Quantity Ingredient
12 g salt
4 g bicarbonate of soda
½ bunch of tarragon
90 g butter
2 dl single cream
600 g carrots
6½ dl water

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