Circulation pump

Circulation pump – a valuable aid

The circulation pump not only protects your washing – it also protects the environment.

How does it work?

The circulation pump ensures that it is the water that moves rather than the washing when the washing is being wet in programmes for sensitive textiles. 

For the WetClean and hand wash programmes, this is the case both at the start of the programme as well as throughout most of the programme itself.

The circulation pump enables the water and the detergent to be mixed together quickly, meaning that the washing comes into contact with the wash water more quickly and evenly.

In combination with the invaluable turbidity sensor integrated in the circulation circuit, the washing machines regulate the amount of rinse water in case of over or under-dosages in the wash water. 


  • Washing is treated especially gently
  • Only the required amount of water is used
  • Less detergent required
  • Detergent residues rinsed out more effectively
  • Even better rinsing result