V-ZUG Novelties 2017/2018

New: Hob hood

For plenty of headroom and a puristic kitchen design: the new hob hood is installed in the kitchen surface and the cooking vapours are drawn down directly. Thanks to the collection tray, there are no spillages and cleaning is quick and practical. The tray has a storage capacity of 0.5 litres. It can be easily removed from the hob and cleaned in the dishwasher together with the grease filter.

New hobs: DualDesign and OptiGlass

New OptiGlass

Impressively designed and particularly hard-wearing – these are the new hobs with OptiGlass. A very hard coating ensures your hob stays looking as good as new. Thanks to the mirror glass design, the appliances from this series perfectly complement the other V-ZUG appliances in your kitchen. OptiGlass is available with selected hobs from our standard range.

New DualDesign

DualDesign: sophisticated elegance or practical integration Several induction hobs feature a new and innovative concept. The current bevelled edge and flush-fitted designs are to be replaced by the new DualDesign. Thanks to this new design, the same hob can be both top-mounted and flush-fitted in the future. The top-mounted version has a glass edge which lends the appliance an elegant appearance and is highly robust. Meanwhile, the flush-fitted version has the ability to integrate seamlessly into every worktop. The cut-out dimensions remain unchanged.

The new Party dishwasher programme – the fastest ever

The new Party dishwasher programme – the fastest ever

A world first from V-ZUG Lasting just 11 minutes, the new Party programme ranks first in terms of speed and is even a world record-holder: the programme is a world first from V-ZUG and a good reason to choose an Adora SL or Adora SL WP for your home.

Combi-steam cooker: new Vacuisine application

Perfect your dishes with Vacuisine – everything from flavour to quality and freshness to appearance. Previously confined to the world of professional cuisine, you can now use this cooking method at home thanks to the combi-steam cooker. Cooking under a vacuum – generally known as sous vide or Vacuisine at V-ZUG – requires constant and precise temperature control. With its innovative technology, the combi-steam cooker from V-ZUG is the perfect solution. Achieve the perfect results when cooking with steam below 100°C thanks to precise temperature control with the new Vacuisine application.

Winecooler now in two heights

The sophisticated Winecooler is now available in two heights, to fit in spaces such as between two thermal appliances.