Sparkling clean

Sparkling clean

V-ZUG is hotting things up for your dishes: spots don’t stand a chance with the SteamFinish function integrated in the new Adora dishwashers. Curtain call for a premiere.

V-ZUG is presenting a world-exclusive in its new Adora dishwashers: SteamFinish is the name given to the innovative process that uses steam to clean glasses, cutlery and dishes and guarantees spot-free, even flawless, cleanness. The pure steam droplets gently drizzle over the dishes without leaving any salt behind. The sparkling result has been confirmed by Labor Veritas, an independent test lab, which attested to the effectiveness of SteamFinish without qualification. Glass sparkles, knives and forks glean. Not just clever, absolutely brilliant.

Timeless elegance
The appearance of the new Adora generation is also sparklingly elegant and timeless. In black or white, with a Stainless Steel, or Black Glass panel, V-ZUG dishwashers cut a good figure in any kitchen. And the TouchClean finish makes annoying finger marks on the Stainless Steel front a thing of the past. The Adora is also available as a fully integrated model featuring FunctionLight, an LED display on the side of the door that constantly provides information about the progress of the programme.

Efficient and versatile

But back to the inner values that make the Adora so special alongside its elegance. The sophisticated innovations incorporated in the new generation meet every expectation, while proven features have not been forgotten either. The dishwashers from the V-ZUG stable save time, water and energy (Triple A+++), without compromising on cleanness in any way. A range of programmes means the right solution is on hand for every situation: while the Automatic programme immediately recognizes what your dishes need, and choosing the right programme can save up to 30 percent water, electricity and dishwasher salt, the Sprint programme is ideal if things need to happen quickly, washing the dishes in just 19 minutes. Not just clean, sparkling clean.

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