The fascination of V-ZUG - Enjoying life with all the senses.

The secret of magnificent moments is in the details. The view from Mount Rigi enchants you with an impressive interplay of light, colours and cloud patterns coming together to make a dramatic spectacle of nature. V-ZUG appliances have the same effect: When design, craftsmanship, functionality and service are perfectly orchestrated, moments arise that have a lot in common with the view from Mount Rigi. Welcome to V-ZUG

Dining with Andreas Caminada

You are in for a treat if you are fortunate enough to dine at the Schauenstein Castle. The top chef Andreas Caminada creates culinary experiences for the senses you won’t soon forget. His recipe: painstaking attention to detail and the Combi-Steam from V-ZUG.
What you’ll see, taste, feel and smell here has won over the industry’s best gourmets: Andreas Caminada’s restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars and 19 Gault Millau points. The magic in his creations is in the details. Every detail – whether it’s on your plate or in the boutique hotel’s rooms – is carefully staged and fits perfectly into the overall experience.
It starts with the ingredients. The top chef takes simple and authentic products and reinterprets them, making them exciting and refined. His obvious pleasure in giving others joy and his motivated team come together to give everything just the right seasoning. The Combi-Steam from V-ZUG is another important ingredient – and it is put to use in a myriad of ways in the gourmet kitchen. Whether it's for roasting a shoulder of veal overnight or for experimenting with new pastries, these high standards for unforgettable sensory experiences connect Andreas Caminada and V-ZUG beautifully. And of course the attention to detail as well.


Recipes for every taste

Top chef Andreas Caminada whips up exclusive steamer recipes for you – guaranteed to be delicious at the touch of a button.

A look behind the scenes

At Castle Schauenstein in Fürstenau in the Canton of Grisons, Andreas Caminada and his team make fairy tales come true.

Inspiration at its best

Even though V-ZUG kitchen appliances are designed for use at home, some top chefs use them in a professional environment. Recipes and tips – created by professionals for V-ZUG appliances – click here.

Much, much more than aesthetics

V-ZUG is getting spring started with a brand-new product line in the kitchen products range. The new models are an evolution of our classic appliances and will inspire you with new functional features and an elegant design.
In the kitchen range we introduce the first product line with full graphic displays and some of the appliances even feature an integrated touch screen. The way the appliances are controlled has been completely redesigned and is now based on a central adjusting knob used in combination with the displays so there are no extra silicone buttons or controls.
The display also visualises step-by-step procedures as well as pre-programmed menus, inviting you to embark on culinary voyages of discovery. Special display features mean that all function displays become invisible when the appliance is switched off. The appliances also come with an optional retractable handle to enhance elegant simplicity.
At V-ZUG design is more than the icing on the cake. That's why our company that is proud of its long tradition has given its in-house design expertise a boost by engaging young professionals. They bring fresh ideas and the latest insights into industrial and interaction design to Zug. Their message is clear: Design is much, much more than aesthetics – it also encompasses functional components and affects the usability of an appliance in a crucial way.
“The best features are of no utility to a user unless they can be found easily in the appliance”, explains interaction designer Julia Borger. In her opinion, design is not a matter of taste, but the result of sound and objective decisions that make the user the central focus at all times.

A holistic approach is key.

“For an appliance to meet the high standards upheld at V-ZUG, every detail must meet these requirements. It is not sufficient to make only the front of the oven beautiful – what is inside or at the back is just as important and contributes to the overall impression a product and a brand makes”, adds industrial designer Elisabeth Malm. A holistic approach that integrates all the necessary steps in a process as well as stakeholders is therefore key. It is important for all the testing, usability tests and all the new findings food engineers and application engineers make in their laboratories to play a significant part in the way an appliance is designed.

We have great opportunities to create emotions with design.

An appliance’s design makes a significant contribution to the quality products from V-ZUG being able to inspire and delight users well into the future. “I think emotionality plays a much greater role in choosing a product than we are aware of. By leveraging design, we have the opportunity to create this emotionality”, says Elisabeth Malm. “For instance, when you can even have a bit of fun filling the water tank”, adds Julia Borger. The designers see a great opportunity in their work to make a major contribution to shaping the traditional V-ZUG brand, not only by making the lives of its customers and users more beautiful, but by making their lives more convenient and more inspiring in a significant way.

Steam cooker, oven and microwave in one

The Combi-Steam MSLQ allows you to set different operating modes, including heat, steam and microwave. Using sophisticated combinations of these operating modes, cooking time can be reduced by up to 75%. And some 30% more minerals and vitamin C can be preserved than would be possible with conventional preparation methods.

Spoilt for choice

With simple, clear lines and cut down to the essentials, the new generation of ovens, steamers, microwaves and coffee centres have an elegance all of their own.


V-ZUG and Switzerland


Innovation, precision and quality: The great values of a small Alpine country have spread all over the world. Companies like V-ZUG have had a hand in that happening.

Switzerland is a nation of inventors, the land of precision watches and home to world-famous chocolate. Sounds like a cliché? The fact is: “Swiss made” is regarded around the world as a reliable quality label. This honourable reputation is no accident. Numerous Swiss personalities and companies have contributed to establishing it over decades. V-ZUG has as well.

V-ZUG has been developing and manufacturing products in the heart of Switzerland for over 100 years.

Worldwide, the company helps to strengthen the traditional values of the country and the reputation of the technology location Switzerland. And: V-ZUG is committed to the environment, both locally and internationally. Perhaps this commitment has something do to with the fact that people here have natural treasures like the Pilatus, Mount Rigi and Lake Zug at their doorstep.

V-ZUG and the world

In 18 countries, from Turkey to Singapore and Australia, people who expect a lot from their household appliances go with our products made in Zug. In late 2014 V-ZUG opened a flagship store in Shanghai. It is the first ZUGORAMA in Asia.

Committed to sustainability

The entire production site, including the logistics centre in Zug, is powered by energy from renewable sources. This is just one example of V-ZUG's diverse activities.

Milestones from more than 100 years

From galvanized sheet metal goods (1913) to the full range of products for the kitchen and laundry room (1976) to energy-saving heat pump technology (2013) – Read V-ZUG's whole story.

Working to reduce workload

Making domestic work easier and more pleasant – V-ZUG was already working on this mission when Spaceship Enterprise, Woodstock and miniskirts were en vogue. And there is a TV commercial from the 1960s to prove it.

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