Function and application videos

Steam functions

Simple, quick, versatile: with their simple applications, our combi-steam cookers and Steamers make not only cooking but also dining more enjoyable. From hot air through steaming to soft roasting: we have the right operating mode for every need – so get inspired! 

Do you own an Excellence Line appliance? You can find inspiring videos about the various programmes and functions of your Excellence Line Steamer here.

Hot air with steaming
A heating element behind the back wall of the cooking space heats up the air inside, which is circulated evenly. The use of steam improves the heat transfer to the food. Steam over 100 °C is also not visible.

Soft roasting
This is a way of cooking high-quality cuts of meat that have not been prepared yet, or have only been seared, to preserve maximum flavour. You can select exactly when the cooking process is complete, irrespective of the weight and thickness of the meat. The temperature of the cooking space is automatically regulated.

The steaming operating mode helps you cook vegetables gently – the Steamer preserves the vitamins and minerals. The cooking process is also easy and does not require constant supervision. Nothing can overcook, and nothing burns.

BakeOmatic is ideal for inexperienced cooks and anyone who don't want to deal with cooking methods and times. In this programme, the appliance sets the appropriate operating mode and cooking space environment by itself, along with the precise temperature and duration necessary. This is made possible by sensors that automatically assess the amount and size of the menu. So you're left with hardly anything to worry about.

Professional baking
Bread, rolls and plaited loaves can be achieved at the push of a button using the professional baking application – delivering village bakery-level quality. The application provides support right from the dough-rising process and creates the perfect environment for making the dough ready to bake in the shortest possible time. The combination of hot air and steam keeps the food from drying out while baking and achieves a golden-brown surface. It allows puff pastry dishes to achieve a highly aerated finish. Brioche is guaranteed to rise, achieve a shiny crust and stay fresher for longer.

Oven functions 

From hot air to top/bottom heat to grilling with forced convection: once you have learned the ideal cooking conditions, along with which operating modes to use, you can use the oven to cook and bake dishes of the highest standard. With the versatile functions offered by our ovens, you can achieve crisp results and perfectly tender meat every time. 

Do you own an Excellence Line appliance? You can find inspiring videos about the various programmes and functions of your Excellence Line Steamer here.

Hot air humid
Ideal for succulent meals. With the hot air humid application, the moisture of ragouts, stews and ratatouilles remains in the cooking area, preventing the food from drying out.

The PizzaPlus programme combines hot air with bottom heat. This allows pizzas, Italian focaccias, quiches and flans to achieve a golden-brown surface and crispy base.

Teppan Yaki application

The Teppan Yaki hob uses induction technology and is particularly suitable for frying meat and fish with very little fat or oil.


Vacuum drawer application

The vacuum drawer is a technical innovation that raises your cooking to a whole new level. It allows you to vacuum-pack meals in special bags – either for storing in the refrigerator or in preparation for sous vide cooking.