A forerunner celebrates its centenary

A forerunner celebrates its centenary

V-ZUG, the Swiss manufacturer of household appliances

V-ZUG has been an Ambassador of Premium Swiss Quality since 1913. Meticulous workmanship and leading technology, producing products with superior quality and striking elegance is a long tradition at V-ZUG. The company is committed to progress and innovation that drives to provide more efficient and user-friendly appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. Innovation by V-ZUG now sets the standard around the globe. Made in Switzerland for 100 years and now available to customers around the Globe.

Swiss manufacturing
V-ZUG has successfully established itself as a premium brand, where the expectations regarding the quality of appliances and timeless design are the highest. Top quality and innovation would not be possible at V-ZUG without tapping in to the heart of the Company. Today, the manufacturing tools used in production are still made within the company, as they have for 100 years. Innovative production technologies combined with superior workmanship lead to the highest levels of precision and quality. Each appliance is checked at every production stage. The company production approach is order and not mass production; V-ZUG manufacturing accepts no compromises on quality.

Setting new standards
Since its foundation in 1913, the company has operated successfully by pursuing clear visions and goals. Time and again, inventions and innovations from Zug have set new standards. For decades, V-ZUG has relied upon values like quality, precision, innovation and technology to deliver a product that will stand the test of time. V-ZUG’s philosophy has always seen the company lead the way on energy efficiency in both, its appliances and its operating infrastructure. V-ZUG is dedicated to setting the benchmark for other companies to follow.

Leading with innovations
Ease of operation is more than just a product claim - it is one of our guiding principles. Clever technologies full of innovations lead simply and logically through the controls to the advanced functions. The art of combining functionality and aesthetics, attention to detail and a keen instinct for design have brought global recognition and awards for V-ZUG.

Bringing the company’s values to life is a critical part of the legacy of Heinz M. Buhofer, a member of the family that founded and owns the company.

Heinz M. Buhofer neatly sums up traditional values: “We never lose sight of the origins of our company; they are always visible in the company logo and name: the V, reflecting our beginnings as the Verzinkerei Zug galvanizing plant.” On the basis of these guiding values, V-ZUG seeks to continue its international expansion. Every market is different, but they all have one thing in common - the customers need for innovative products with sustainable benefits.

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