Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies: V-ZUG Wins Award

V-ZUG was officially awarded the title of “Most Valuable Company in Hong Kong” at the Mediazone Awards Night on 31 October. Mediazone is considered one of the world’s most exclusive media companies. The award conferred by this illustrious Group is looked upon as the “Oscar” of the local business world.

With this award, V-ZUG joins the circle of other winners of this unique distinction, including companies like Ernst & Young and the Nestle Group company Nespresso. To determine the select circle of award-winners in 2012, Mediazone asked itself: What makes companies in this market valuable enough to deserve an “Oscar”?

In the case of V-ZUG, there were several reasons that impressed the jury. One was the innovative strength of the traditional Swiss company V-ZUG, which has launched two world innovations in Hong Kong: the world’s first dishwasher with the patented SteamFinish function that significantly reduces chemical residues on tableware and glasses. And the Combi-Steam XSL with its patented GourmetSteaming, BakeOmatic and SoftRoasting programs. By allowing routine tasks to be delegated to the appliance, these sophisticated functions do away with the need to keep a constant eye on things. The jury’s verdict: “Good invention!”

Another compelling argument was V-ZUG’s careful use of resources. Investments in renewable energies are expanding continuously. The international logistics centre ZUGgate, for example, is equipped with photovoltaic panels that make it self-sustaining in energy terms. V-ZUG’s passion for efficient products is also very evident in the product range. The dishwashers, washing machines and dryers are not only among the fastest in their class, but also some of the most economical.

Last but not least, V-ZUG’s ongoing market development strategy is also bearing fruit. So it comes as no surprise that local general contracting conglomerates also choose PREMIUM SWISS QUALITY by V-ZUG for their luxury projects.

For further information about Hong Kong’s “Most Valuable Companies” and the 2012 Award Winners, see: https://www.mediazone.com.hk/awards.html
and https://www.mediazone.com.hk/hkmvc2012.html