Distinction for the Adora SL dishwasher from V-ZUG

Plus X Award 2013

The award

The Plus X Award was inaugurated in Germany ten years ago. Today, it is the most important competition in the world, standing more than practically any other as an indicator of the most innovative products. It picks out manufacturers for the quality and innovative edge of their products. Innovation is the foundation for lasting success at any company, with consumers benefiting directly from the advances that are made as a result. The Plus X Award identifies precisely those innovations that make our life easier and more pleasant, while protecting the environment at the same time. The seal helps consumers to make an informed buying decision by enabling them to quickly and easily spot the products that genuinely are innovative and top quality. The Adora SL dishwasher from V-ZUG featuring the world-exclusive SteamFinish function received the top seals of approval in no less than five categories: High Quality, Innovation, Ecology, Functionality, and Operating Convenience.

Top quality: V-ZUG, the Swiss craftsman among household appliances
V-ZUG craftsmanship has been producing authentic Swiss quality since 1913. The company has successfully established itself in the premium segment, where expectations regarding quality and design are the highest. It is possible for V-ZUG to meet those expectations because the concept goes right to the heart of the company. Today, the tools used in production are still made in-house, just like they were a hundred years ago. Even though machinery has taken over and simplified some steps in the process, people still do the lion’s share of the work: authentic Swiss manufacturing indeed. Everything from the biggest machine to the smallest part is checked across every single stage in the process. The company’s approach to production is away from mass-produced goods and towards premium products; V-ZUG accepts no compromises on quality.

Highly innovative
SteamFinish is the name given by V-ZUG to the patented process employed in dishwashers for the first time that finishes glasses, cutlery and crockery with pure steam at the end of the rinsing process. This ensures spot-free cleanliness and sparkling brightness in all items cleaned. Demanding gourmets and wine-lovers can use glasses straight from the dishwasher to serve their personal favourites without any residual trace of salt flavour. Even the most delicate glasses and decorative items made of high quality porcelain are suitable for the gentle steam treatment.

Ecologically sustainable
Sustainability and sparing use of scarce resources are a priority at V-ZUG. Thus the new Adora dishwashers consume just 7 litres of water and 0.8KWh of electricity, depending on the programme. Once the programme has finished, the Adora dishwashers switch to 0 Watt stand-by mode without being disconnected from the mains. With a Triple A declaration, the new top models demonstrate how top ecological performance is also possible without compromise. This is also seen in its outstanding programme technology and the sophisticated interior design ensuring the greatest possible customer benefits.

Great functionality
The outstanding functionality includes the world-exclusive Daily short programme which for the first time cleans normally soiled dishes spick and span in just 45 minutes. The Automatic programme is the ideal choice for people who like the idea of saving up to 30 percent water, electricity and dishwasher salt. It selects the right dosage for the load in question and automatically controls the required programme running time of between 45 and 85 minutes. The time-tested Sprint programme washes lightly soiled party crockery perfectly clean in just 19 minutes. What’s more, the unrivalled sensor system (featuring a limescale sensor, rinse aid sensor, turbidity sensor and water hardness control) ensures unmatched care, absolute cleanness and sparkling brightness.

Outstanding operating convenience
The enlarged tub now has space for up to 150 items of crockery, cutlery and glasses, or 13 standard place settings. The extra-large Adora model can cope with items of up to 33cm in size in the lower basket dishes and glasses of up to 27.5cm in height in the upper basket at the same time. And if even more space is needed to clean items like oven trays or grill plates from electric grills in the dishwasher, the upper basket can be unclipped and completely removed with two simple motions. The intelligent basket design complete with height-adjustable upper basket (even when loaded) makes it readily possible to accommodate all items. Further examples of clever interior design include an optional adjustable cutlery basket as a third loading level and a hinge mechanism for the four rows of prongs in the lower basket or easy prong extensions to safely accommodate tall containers in the lower basket. V-ZUG dishwashers are extremely easy to operate thanks to functionality like a self-explanatory digital display and the convenient «Enter-and-go» keypad.

Details like this are essential for convenient housekeeping and the reason why gourmets rely upon PREMIUM SWISS QUALITY from the V-ZUG stable.

V-ZUG Ltd.