Step 1

Get the ingredients and utensils ready: artichoke, water with ascorbic acid, serrated knife, Parisian scoop and peeler.

Step 2

Break off the stalk of the artichoke. Removing the stalk this way pulls the filaments out of the bottom at the same time, which isn’t the case if you use a knife.

Step 3

Use the serrated knife on the lowest quarter of the artichoke and cut off the bottom. Important: there is less risk of injury if you use a serrated or bread knife, as it won’t slip. Peel the edge until the bottom is nice and round.

Step 4

Remove the filaments cleanly using the Parisian scoop. You should immerse the artichoke floor in the water/ascorbic-acid mix between steps so it doesn’t oxidise and become blotchy.


Step 5

Vacuum-pack the artichoke bottom with equal measures of salted water, white wine and olive oil, as well as with herbs and garlic, and cook according to the instructions in the cooking chart. A delicious accompaniment for fish or risotto!