Classic brands win – V-ZUG takes first place

Most Trusted Brands survey
Brands that are considered socially and environmentally responsible are popular with Swiss consumers, who prefer traditional, trusted brands. For years now, Reader’s Digest has been asking consumers in many European countries which brands they consider the most trustworthy. This year almost 16,000 people were involved, including 1,200 consumers in Switzerland. In an online survey Readers were asked to name the brands they trust most.

V-ZUG is most trusted
Swiss consumers have once again named the V-ZUG brand as the most trusted provider of household and kitchen appliances. This valuable award recognises and applauds the determined and discerning efforts of the market leader from Zug in its pursuit of quality. When it comes to purchasing a household appliance, trust is of the highest importance as buyers cannot take a household appliance for a ‘test run’ like they would a car.