Top Swiss chefs put their faith in the combi-steam cooker from V-ZUG

V-ZUG combi-steam cookers are actually designed for private households. However, the best chefs in Switzerland use the appliances on a daily basis in their professional kitchens. This is beneficial for both restaurant guests and amateur cooks at home as the knowledge from the top chefs is incorporated into the further development of the appliances.

When you combine the technological expertise of the V-ZUG engineers with the many years of knowledge of top Swiss chefs, the result is top-quality kitchen appliances. The V-ZUG researchers and developers work closely together to integrate the valuable knowledge gained from professional chefs into the hardware and software of the kitchen appliances – and ensure that each generation of combi-steam cookers is better than the last. The resulting appliances are very easy to operate and ensure culinary treats of the very highest quality at the same time. The GourmetGuide, for example, offers intelligent automatic programmes which apply the professional knowledge collected from top chefs at the touch of a button.