The Combi-Steamers from V-ZUG make cooking easier for you. The variety of intelligent programmes enables the quick and easy preparation of various dishes and menus and inspires new culinary ideas.


Retaining natural flavours and promoting good health: Gentle steaming in V-ZUG Combi-Steamers means that healthy vitamins and minerals are not washed out, and the full flavours are retained. Not only is steaming good for your health, your taste buds will appreciate it too.

Vacuisine creates taste sensations that can't be achieved with any other method of preparation. Using this special method, which stems from award-winning catering establishments, ingredients are sealed in special vacuum bags and then cooked slowly at temperatures between 30 and 100 °C. The protective covering helps to retain not only the natural flavour, attractive colour and texture of the food more effectively, but also the valuable nutrients. As a result, this gentle cooking method ensures both unparalleled taste sensations and a healthier preparation method.


Reheats like freshly prepared: You can use a special combination of heat and hot air to heat ready meals or convenience products without loss of quality or moisture and enjoy them just like freshly prepared. It is even possible to regenerate various dishes at the same time. The Combi-Steam also features an Automatic regeneration function for the fully automatic, crispy heating of dishes.

Patented Soft-roasting

Tenderest meat, exactly when you want it: The sophisticated Soft-roasting innovation in the Combi-Steam automatically controls and dynamically adjusts the core temperature. This means that the meat is ready to serve at exactly the time programmed, irrespective of size, consistency or weight.

Professional baking

Crispy fresh, just like from the village baker: The Professional baking operating mode is a combination of steam and hot air. It is perfect for all types of pastry: puff pastry becomes particularly airy, and bread or rolls rise nicely, gain an appetizing, shiny crust and stay fresh longer.

Real hot air/Hot air humid operating mode

Baking simultaneously on two levels – you might want to bake biscuits or tarts on two trays: optimum hot air distribution and cooking space ventilation give you perfect baking or cooking results every time. The Hot air humid operating mode is ideal for casseroles and soufflés: they are ready quicker and do not dry out.


Fully automatic cooking: With the BakeOmatic function, there is no need to enter the cooking time, temperature, operating mode or weight manually. The unique sensor technology in the Climate Control System (CCS) enables the Combi-Steam to automatically detect the weight size of the food before selecting the best sequence of the various operating modes - also automatically - together with precisely the required temperature and cooking time. And you also know exactly when the dish is ready to serve.