Our technology – your benefit

A great deal of technology has gone into a V-ZUG steamer. But the technology isn't just there for our design engineers' enjoyment; it is also there to ensure you achieve carefree, day-to-day cooking with perfect results.
With this goal in mind, we place a lot of importance on practical details. For example, in the water tank, where 1.25 liters is enough for over two hours of cooking on high, and there is never a need to refill it. A swing arm is submerged in the water tank and draws up the water. This is how we ensure that your steamer never loses water.

Our V-ZUG steamers produce steam outside the cooking space in an external boiler. The advantage being that the right climate is generated in seconds, and the alternation between steam and hot air is extremely precise.
The climate sensor constantly monitors the humidity in the cooking space and controls the steam supply so that the food is gently cooked in an unparalleled manner. The climate sensor also guarantees a very low water and energy consumption.
After cooking, the residual water in the boiler is pumped back into the water tank. thus ensuring that your steamer is instantly ready for the next time.
Cleaning our V-ZUG steamers is extremely easy - one swipe with a soft cloth is all you need. Thanks to the external boiler, no limescale accumulates in the baking space and there's practically no residual water, so that you can deal with your steamer before you eat and not afterwards.

Sensors: A V-ZUG specialty
Are you impressed by your car's rain sensors? If so, you will be fascinated by V-ZUG's sensor technology!

  • Climate sensor (patented)
    It allows the food, irrespective of the amount and kind of food, to steam in an optimum, efficient climate.
  • Climate control (patent pending)
    Thanks to the fully developed control system, exclusive gourmet meals will come out perfect in the new Combi-Steam SL and open up new dimensions in cooking.
  • Scale sensor
    The sensor lets you know when it is time to descale the appliance using the plain text display. The message appears every 6 to 18 months, depending on the hardness of the water. Of course, you can still continue to use the appliance when the descaling display is illuminated.
  • Food probe monitor
    We can thank this monitor for the wonderfully roasted meat, because it checks and regulates the exact core temperature of the meat. It is the hero of the Soft Roasting Program, which allows you to serve your soft-roasted and perfectly tender leg of lamb exactly when you want.