Our economic contribution

Holding and building upon our market position
We believe that our economic performance is the most important requirement for the future development of V-ZUG. Furthermore, only financial strength will allow us to invest in the envi-ronment and society. It is therefore essential that we hold and build upon our market position. In Switzerland, for example, we intend to maintain our position as the market leader in the household appliance sector, but we also want to strengthen our international standing and tap into new markets.

A trend of opportunity
Sustainability is the basis of our success as a business and is therefore a key component of our company strategy. When planning for the future we consider the economic, environmental and social factors involved – anything else would be unsustainable. But the current sustainability trend also presents a great opportunity for V-ZUG: we have developed a high level of expertise in technology and achieved market proximity over the years – we are now able to put this know-how to the test for the benefit of future generations.

Harnessing financial and innovative strength for sustainability
We define sustainable business activity as the long-term success of V-ZUG in harmony with society and the environment. «In harmony» means that we favour sustainable growth over short-term profits. We believe that we have a solid growth strategy when we are also able to use the financial and innovative strength of V-ZUG for environmental and social initiatives that stretch beyond the boundaries of our company.

You can find out more about V-ZUG's economic contribution in the sustainability report.