The magic lies in the details: V-ZUG launches a new advertising campaign for its revolutionary generation of appliances

Precision, understated design and complex technologies with simple usability – that’s magic. This magic arises when all details are in perfect harmony and are the best they can possibly be. With this aspiration towards perfection, V-ZUG is introducing its outstanding new range of appliances and a new advertising presence.

Complete Swiss perfection: with the launch of its new Excellence Line ovens and steam cookers, V-ZUG is introducing a whole new kitchen-based experience. The new advertising campaign promises magical moments arising from loving attention to every last detail. The campaign is based on four aspects that characterize the new generation of appliances and the V-ZUG brand as a whole – sustainable, intuitive, forward-thinking and seamless – and which summarize the design of the Excellence Line.

Sustainable design
V-ZUG takes an integrated approach to sustainability and shows its strong connection with nature in its latest campaign. All communication relating to the brand and the new range of appliances focuses on the resource-efficient design and production of these high-end appliances in Zug – while also highlighting their energy efficiency and the careful use of materials. 

Intuitive design
Operating the new steam cookers and ovens in the Excellence Line is simple and convenient thanks to the CircleSlider – an intuitive rotary encoder ground into the centre of the glass TouchDisplay. Each setting is depicted on the high-resolution colour display. Intuitive, interactive and personalizable – this revolutionary operating concept takes the user experience to a whole new level.

Forward-thinking design
V-ZUG focuses on designing appliances that will be just as impressive in ten years’ time – in terms of their appearance and their functionality. This depends on the use of premium-quality materials, a timeless design and innovative technologies.

Seamless design
The design of the Excellence Line is elegant yet understated. Reduced to the essentials, it boasts an eye-catching symmetry and timeless aesthetics. The mirror-glass fronts in black, platinum or pearl reflect the surroundings, thus integrating seamlessly into any kitchen. By coalescing nature with technology, the new V-ZUG advertising campaign captures this aspect in an exceptionally attractive way. 

As a quartet and as solo artists
V-ZUG is introducing the new Excellence Line and its four design aspects through an advertisement featuring appealing images and striking analogies between nature and technology. Various online and printed advertisements highlight each individual design aspect and take the observer on a journey into the world of V-ZUG and the new generation of appliances.