The multi-talent – now with fixed water connection


The multi-talent – now with fixed water connection

Is there anything you can’t actually use it for, the Combi-Steam XSL from V-ZUG? For cooking and baking, at least, it leaves nothing to be desired. Plus, the new generation now also features a fixed water connection, making it even more convenient.

With one of the new steamer models from V-ZUG, you don’t need to refill the water any more. The next-generation Combi-Steam XSL now also comes complete with fixed water connection, a practical innovation that saves time and makes it easier to keep the cooking space floor clean. The permanent water feed means that fresh water is available for steaming at all times; the integrated water tank is now only used for automatic cleaning. And an additional collecting tray is no longer required for steaming, as the waste water can drain away directly. 

Clear view
When it comes to steaming, the new Combi-Steam XSL with fixed water connection features another impressive function that helps you keep your eye on things: steam reduction. This enables you to let off steam at the press of a button – not literally of course; the steam in the cooking space disperses in seconds, making it possible for you to put in more food or take a look inside at any time. The Combi-Steam carries out the function fully automatically once the cooking time has finished, meaning that the food is immediately ready to take out.

One partner for everything
But steaming is not the only way that the V-ZUG steamer, with its honest, elegant design and large capacity of 51 litres, makes your life easier. It can do far more, which means that you can do far more. In no time at all, and with no loss of quality, you can reheat a precooked meal or tenderize a fine piece of meat to perfection, like child’s play. You also get to bake like a pro. And the GourmetSteam function enables you to follow delicious recipes from top Swiss chefs who collaborate closely with V-ZUG on development and innovation. There’s no doubt about it, the Combi-Steam XSL really is an absolute multi-talent in your kitchen.