Combair XSLP

  • Controls

    TouchControl and adjusting knob

  • V-ZUG-Home


  • TopClean


  • Standard width

    60.0 cm

  • Standard height

    45.0 cm

  • Interface

    WLAN and Bluetooth

  • Short model


  • Price 

    CHF 4'690.00

  • Energy efficiency rating Energy efficiency rating
  • Premium Swiss Quality
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Selected appliance

Article no. 2109900003
EAN code 7630029430613
Predecessor’s article number 2102800003
Controls TouchControl and adjusting knob
Standard width 60.0 cm
Standard height 45.0 cm
Front design ChromeClass
Handle design handle, chrome
Cooking space Brilliant enamel
Pyrolytic self-cleaning Yes

Display and operation

Display Full-colour graphic display
Controls TouchControl and adjusting knob
Number of languages in display 6
Languages in display   de, en, es, fr, it, rm
Lighting Halogen
Number of lights 2
Electronic clock timer Yes

Oven features

Premium Swiss Quality   Yes
Combined operation Oven
Number of storable programmes   24
Food probe   Yes
Climate sensor   Yes
Cooking space volume 50 l
Max. temperature setting with top/bottom heat 280 °C
Max. temperature setting with forced convection/hot air 250 °C
EcoStandby   Yes

Service and interfaces

Wi-Fi as standard 802.11 b/g/n
ZUG-eye Yes
V-ZUG-Home   Yes
Warranty 2 years
Free demonstration at home by V-ZUG Advisor Yes
Interface   WLAN and Bluetooth

Accessories included

Product Quantity
Baking tray "TopClean" 452 x 380 x 28 mm (K44005) 2
Wire shelf, Chrome steel (K44102) 1
Recipe book 'Baking treats' in German (CH) (J21021014) 1

Also available with/as (*)

Front design Mirror glass
Handle Black designer handle, rod handle, chrome

(*) Not all combinations are available. Ask your retailer for advice.

  • Pictogram forHot air Hot air  
  • Pictogram forHumid hot air Humid hot air  
  • Pictogram forPizzaPlus PizzaPlus  
  • Pictogram forTop/bottom heat Top/bottom heat  
  • Pictogram forHumid top/bottom heat Humid top/bottom heat  
  • Pictogram forBottom heat Bottom heat  
  • Pictogram forGrill Grill  
  • Pictogram forConvection grill Convection grill  
  • Pictogram forBakeOmatic BakeOmatic  
  • Pictogram forSoft-Roasting Soft-Roasting  
  • Pictogram forGourmetGuide GourmetGuide  
  • Pictogram forEasyCook EasyCook  
  • Pictogram forIntegrated recipes Integrated recipes  
  • Pictogram forOwn recipes Own recipes  
  • Pictogram forWarming function Warming function  
  • Pictogram forPlate warming Plate warming  
  • Pictogram forFast heating Fast heating  

Other settings

Favourites   Yes

Technical data


Niche height 450 mm
Max. niche height 450 mm
Niche width 600 mm
Max. niche width 600 mm
Niche depth 605 mm
Appliance height 454 mm
Appliance width 596 mm
Appliance depth 569 mm
Depth of appliance when door is open 341 mm
Empty weight 37 kg


Automatic shut-off consumption with network switched on 2.0 W
Energy efficiency rating A
Energy consumption - conventional cooking 0.8 kWh
Energy consumption - convection/hot air cooking 0.66 kWh
Energy consumption of pyrolytic self-cleaning 3.1 kWh
Type of connection 400V 2N~
Type of connection 230V~
Frequency (1) 50Hz
Frequency (2) 50Hz
Connected loads 3.3 kW
Connected loads 3.3 kW
Fuse protection 10 A
Fuse protection 16 A
Plug type cable
Connection cable 1.8 m

The following accessories go with this device

Product imageAngle set for installing double oven

Angle set for installing double oven

Art. no. K50572
  • Price: CHF 86.00

Product imageCombined connection for 2 appliances

Combined connection for 2 appliances

Art. no. K34565
  • Price: CHF 27.00

Product imageCover profile 16mm black

Cover profile 16mm black

Art. no. K37158
  • Price: CHF 65.00

Product imageCover profile 19mm black

Cover profile 19mm black

Art. no. K37159
  • Price: CHF 65.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in English (CH)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in English (CH)

Art. no. J21021017
  • Price: CHF 39.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in French (CH)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in French (CH)

Art. no. J21021015
  • Price: CHF 39.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in German (CH)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in German (CH)

Art. no. J21021014
  • Price: CHF 39.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in Italian (CH)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in Italian (CH)

Art. no. J21021016
  • Price: CHF 39.00

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