Key figures 2014/15

Measurable progress
Every year, V-ZUG collects key figures on the subject of sustainability. They serve to show both where our objectives have been successful and where our efforts may still need to be strength-ened.

Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions per appliance produced
In the current year under review, we are particularly proud of the environmental figures. We were able to reduce energy consumption per appliance produced by 0.3 % between 2014 and 2015. CO2 emissions also dropped by 0.3 %. This figure is particularly astonishing in view of the fact that, since 2008, our energy consumption has fallen by almost 20 % and our CO2 emissions per appliance by more than 30 %. We also collect employee figures: the ratio of men versus women employed at V-ZUG remained at 80 % men and 20 % women during the year under review. In line with the strategy of «Swissmem» (Swiss industry association), our mission is to harness the potential of skilled women and to better utilise their expertise in the future.

All the figures collected can be found in the sustainability report.