The «V-ZUG family»
The «V-ZUG family» includes around 1600 specialists working for the company around the world. Having motivated and competent staff is the key to supplying products and services of the highest quality. V-ZUG is passionate about creating a space where they can feel confident and realise their full potential. This includes, for example, providing fair and regulated employment relationships, good occupational safety, continuous education and further training, as well as diversity and equal opportunities in the company.

A sustainable human resources policy

The best proof of our sustainable human resources policy at V-ZUG is the fact that 18% of our staff have now been working at the company for 20 years or longer. They pass on their enormous amount of expert knowledge and their many years of experience to more than 70 apprentices in the company. We offer training in 12 different professions and shape our apprentices into experts. The mixture of skills and personalities significantly enriches both the company and the local economy of Zug in Switzerland.

Challenges and areas of focus
Despite our success, we are by no means immune from the challenges of the industry. There is a lack of qualified and skilled workers in the labour market, the average age of the workforce is rising, and the burden placed on members of staff is on the increase. In the human resources development strategy, we decided how we were going to overcome these obstacles. A key part of this endeavour is the V-ZUGacademy – a comprehensive education and training programme suitable for all stages of development.

You can find out more about our commitment to our employees in the sustainability report.