Assortment of Specialties

Discounting of specialties assortment

To improve pricing consistency, V-ZUG is reforming its long-standing High-End approach. The previous portfolio of High-End appliances will be transferred to the Specialties assortment, which will be expanded by a few appliances. V-ZUG rebates to resellers will also be adjusted as part of the reform.

Usage of specialties discount

  • Specialties assortment with its own discount group (identical approach to previous high-end range)
  • As with the previous high-end discount, the specialties discount cannot be combined with other discounts (e.g. scale discount); however, specialties are included in the calculation of the number of devices relevant to the scale discount
  • Project discount does not apply to specialties appliances
  • Discounts for exhibition and consignment equipment are also available for specialties assortment - however with a reduced discount value (same as with the basic discount)

Processual handling of the discount modification as of February 01, 2023

  • Orders until 30.01.2023 will still be charged with the price list 2022-3, if the requested delivery date is still in January 2023
  • Until 31.01.2023 orders – regardless of their delivery date – will be
    • Charged with the previous discount group (standard or high-end) of the 2022 assorment (e.g. standard discount for CookTop Teppan Yaki I40 )
    • Charged with the discount that is still valid at that time. 
  • Orders placed as of 01.02.2023 will be
    • exclusively charged with the price list 2023-1
    • Charged with the newly valid discount group (Standard or Specialties) of the 2023 range (e.g. Specialties discount for CookTop Teppan Yaki I40)
    • Charged with the discount valid as of this date