Digital ordering channels at V-ZUG

Are you already familiar with our various digital ordering channels?

As a B2B partner, V-ZUG offers you a number of options for digitalizing your ordering and payment processes.

Streamlined, more efficient procurement processes improve your productivity, saving you time and money: Advantages of electronic orders for you: > 60% faster & 50% more cost-effective than manual orders.

Online shop in the V-ZUG B2B portal

  • Direct orders, 24/7
  • Net price information calculated automatically
  • Track the status of your order at any time
  • Overview of all orders and invoices as well as other useful information
  • To register and find out more, visit:


  • Practical "single sign-on" access to the V-ZUG B2B portal (as well as the portals of many other manufacturers) free of charge
  • In Europe, Tradeplace has > 19,000 B2B customers and > 7.3 m transactions per month
  • To register and obtain login details, visit:


  • Connect your carpentry software directly with the V-ZUG online shop using interface technology
  • Article information, price requests, orders, order confirmation overviews and invoice overviews directly in your system
  • The "ComNormOrder" option also enables an interface function without industry software
  • For more information:


  • Three options for placing orders by e-mail to [email protected]
    • Direct and automated as a PDF e-mail attachment generated by your own ERP system
    • Using the standard V-ZUG order template
    • Using your own order form (standardized, structured PDF)
  • If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected] or 058 767 80 01


  • EDI-based direct connection between V-ZUG and your ERP system
  • Automatic exchange of data from ordering through to invoicing
  • For information, contact: [email protected]

Launch in 2023

ℹ V-ZUG reserves the right to introduce a small processing fee for non-digital orders in future.