Phase-out of Classic Line

With its simple adjusting knob and black mirror glass front, the Classic Line combines easy yet precise control with timeless design. As a result of ongoing product development and the launch of the Combair V4000 38 / 38C in the Excellence Line in August 2023, the Classic Line is to be gradually phased out of the product range. Like its predecessor, the new Combair V4000 will be available in widths of 55 cm and 60 cm. It replaces the Combair HSE, which has been part of the product range since 2015 and will continue to be available until the new product launch. Steamers and ovens in the Excellence Line also feature a touch display and the CircleSlider for even more precise control. 

Phase-out of Classic Line: stage 1, February 2023

Ovens and combi-steam ovens
For ovens and combi-steam ovens, the following products will be removed from the range with effect from 1 February 2023: 
  • 55/60 Combi-Steam MSLQ
  • 55/60 Combair SLP / SL
  • 55/60 Combair-Steam SL
  • 60 Combair XSLP / XSL
  • 60 Combi-Steam XSL / XSLF


From 1 February 2023, three Miwell products in the Classic Line will also no longer be available: 

  • 60 Miwell-Combi XSL 
  • 55/60 Miwell HSL 
  • 55/60 Miwell-Combi HSL 

Phase-out of Classic Line: stage 2, August 2023

In the second stage, two more Classic Line appliances will be phased out. The following appliances will only be available until August 2023: 

  • 55/60 Combair HSE
  • 55/60 Combi-Steam HSL

Remaining in the replacement business

Until further notice, the following products in the CoffeeCenter and WineCooler ranges will continue to be available in the replacement business: 

  • 55/60 Supremo HSL 
  • 55/60 WineCooler SL