VESTA – the digital payment and booking system

What is VESTA?

VESTA is a digital payment and booking system for communal laundry rooms. The system was developed in Switzerland by the company eeproperty. VESTA makes life easier for management teams and tenants alike. Users can book an available washing machine or tumble dryer – or make a reservation for the future – using the booking platform on their computer or in the app on their smartphone/tablet. Management teams can handle the entire administration side online with ease. VESTA is also incredibly straightforward to install, and it even be cost-effectively retrofitted in existing laundry rooms.

What are the benefits of VESTA for tenants?

  • Say goodbye to coins and laundry cards
    Tenants pay for and manage their credit themselves through the online booking platform, app, QR bill or by means of a payment slip (payment slips are only valid until 22 September 2022), meaning there’s no need for the building maintenance team to get involved.  
  • Simple operation in the laundry room
    Tenants can identify themselves on the VESTA display using their own personal code and then select their washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Notification when laundry is ready
    As soon as the laundry is ready for collection, tenants can choose to receive a push notification on their smartphone/tablet via email or SMS.
  • Plan wash days or lock machines
    Tenants can see on the VESTA booking platform whether the machines are currently available or in use. They can book a washing slot for themselves or make it available again. Management teams have the ability to define fixed slots or even lock the appliances for repairs.
  • Secure and instant top-up system for tenants
    The VESTA booking platform allows tenants to choose between secure online payments and payment slips when paying in the desired amount. 

What are the benefits for management teams?

  • All usage data is available at a glance, regardless of whether you have one or more laundry rooms to manage.
  • You can optimise resources and save money by using the VESTA booking platform for centralised real-time evaluations and automated reporting.
  • Property owners can create accesses for several management teams, and management teams can define different access rights for employees, providing a clear access control system.
  • VESTA can be easily integrated into other tenant platforms (such as Allthings). 
  • VESTA is compatible with eeproperty solutions such as volta®: a management and payment solution for charging electric vehicles in rental properties (using the same platform, user account and credit).
  • VESTA has a real Swissness about it, particularly since the platform has been developed and hosted in Switzerland from the very beginning.

What does VESTA need to run?

  • A stable internet connection (GSM or Wi-Fi)
  • VESTA display – connected touchscreen (one display per laundry room)
  • VESTA satellite – connection module (one satellite per appliance)
  • An account for the VESTA online booking platform with personal access for tenants and management teams 

 How easy is it to install VESTA?

The VESTA system can be integrated into new and existing laundry rooms (see graphic).
  1. Ensure there is internet access via mobile data or Wi-Fi
  2. Install the VESTA display in the entrance area or in the laundry room (electricity, internet)
  3. Install the VESTA satellites in the supply line to the appliances
  4. Pair the VESTA satellites with the VESTA display
  5. Expand the system flexibly as required (up to 32 appliances per VESTA display)

For how long has VESTA been operating?
Over 1,500 properties in Switzerland have had this system installed since 2015. There are currently over 30,000 users already registered. 700,000 activities are recorded via the booking platform every month. These impressive figures serve to underline the success of VESTA.  

Where can I view VESTA?
If you visit one of our exhibition and advisory centres (ZUGORAMA), our advisors will be happy to show you the key functions in person if you call in advance to make an appointment. The locations of our ZUGORAMAs can be found here. 

You can also contact our field sales advisors who will be pleased to help you.

Please note that VESTA is marketed via V-ZUG Ltd directly and not via specialist retailers.

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