New Products at V-ZUG 2023/24

WineCooler V4000 45

The new V4000 45 WineCooler can hold 17 bottles at a desired drinking temperature of between 5°C and 20°C – for perfect wine enjoyment. The triple-glazed door protects the wine from UV rays, has no handle and opens by tapping it lightly thanks to the TouchOpen feature. The dark interior is reduced to essentials. Made from sustainable Swiss beech wood, the racks can be pulled out for easy access to the bottles and the bottom rack can also be placed in a tilted presentation position – for elegant wine presentation at home. Open bottles and decanted wines can be returned to the cooler to maintain the optimum temperature. Produced in Switzerland, the flush-mount wine cooler can be seamlessly combined with other appliances in our product range.

CombiCooler V4000 178KNI

The new CombiCooler V4000 178KNI combines the advantages of the MonoFridge function with the ColdFresh chiller compartment in a refrigerator boasting a large usable capacity. The result is a lot of space and freedom when loading and optimal cooling of food. Made in Switzerland and incorporating PureCool technology, the CombiCooler V4000 178 KNI is one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market. The interior of the latest CombiCooler impresses with stylish chromium steel elements, black panels, convenient extension rails and high-quality compartments and door trays. 

Cooler V4000 178K & Freezer V4000 178N

The new Cooler V4000 178K is the perfect complement to the new Freezer V4000 178N. Together, the two appliances create a modern, side-by-side solution that meets the most stringent requirements. The Cooler V4000 178K has a ColdFresh zone with three large compartments designed to ensure the maximum shelf life of food at temperatures of just above zero degrees Celsius, offering the ideal conditions for conserving meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The NoFrost technology in the Freezer V4000 178N prevents ice from forming inside the freezer so that tiresome and unpleasant chore of defrosting is a thing of the past. The inside of both appliances impresses with a sleek design combining stylish chromium steel elements, a black control panel, convenient extension rails and high-quality compartments and door trays.

Software updates

Thanks to our software updates, owners of steamers, ovens and microwave ovens in the Excellence Line benefit from annual innovations and enhancements to the existing appliance functions. This will ensure the appliances are always at the cutting edge.
The highlight of this year’s software updates is the possibility of compiling up to 15 coking steps or operating modes under “Own recipes” – at your own discretion and in line with your personal wishes. In addition to smaller improvements in displaying the next steps once the last one is finished, six new food categories have been added to the BakeOmatic function along with new EasyCook settings. The software updates can be installed directly via the V-ZUG app and differ in scale depending on the type of appliance and convenience level.