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    • Commissioning and operation

    Where can I install the new CoffeeCenter V6000 45?

    An automatic built-in coffee machine that is built into the kitchen front not only makes for an aesthetically pleasing solution that looks the part, but it also frees up worktop space. TheCoffeeCenter V6000 45 in the new Excellence Line design is built into tall cabinets, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with other thermal appliances in this new generation.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    Am I tied to a particular type of coffee with the V-ZUG automatic built-in coffee machine?

    The CoffeeCenter V6000 45 uses coffee beans, which means you are free to explore the fascinating world of coffee to your heart’s content.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    What does it take to make a good cup of coffee?

    In addition to the quality of the beans and the blend, the correct grinding technique is especially important: the more evenly the coffee is ground and dosed, the better the end result. This is where the CoffeeCenter V6000 45 comes in with its innovative new cone grinder that conjures up an aroma intensity unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The perfect temperature and pressure during the brewing process are also crucial when it comes to how the coffee will taste. From ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, doppio, cappuccino, flat white, caffè latte and latte macchiato to the latest trends like long coffee, the CoffeeCenter V6000 45 provides the perfectly brewed cup of coffee to suit anyone’s tastes. The integrated milk frother automatically prepares three different levels of froth, depending on whether you are making cappuccino, latte macchiato or caffè latte. The heated milk container is double-walled and keeps the milk fresh for a long time.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    Why is the grinding so important for a perfect cup of coffee?

    Apart from the quality of the coffee beans and the blend, the right grinding technique is crucial. The more evenly the coffee is ground and dosed, the better the result. The highly innovative new ceramic grinder of the Supremo SL meets these requirements and is extremely durable. And it has another great benefit: it is very quiet.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    What is the purpose of the hot water and steam nozzle?

    The nozzle produces hot water for tea and other hot drinks. It also lets you conveniently froth cold milk for a delicious cappuccino or hot chocolate.