Innovation that matters. Finding solutions that simplify your life at home and enable perfect results, drives us day in and out.

We are known for innovative products. We focus on user-friendliness, longevity, reliability, performance and energy efficiency. Our proximity to customers provides us the insights to design the right programs and functions to reach perfect results. Allowing us to simplify your life at home.

Steam works wonders

Steam works wonders

Sometimes the most revolutionary technology derives from the simplest things, like water. Or to be more precise: steam.

“Only what is conceived from actual customer needs is truly innovative. That's why we aim to develop what really matters to people.” – Peter Spirig, CEO

A history of continuous innovation

2012: SteamFinish, a world’s first

A unique, patented technology steam-dries your glasses and dishes. The absence of waterborne salts, minerals and crystals ensures a sparkling finish.

2019: Another world-exclusive, DualDry

The DualDry innovation dries your clothes in the drum as normal or, when they are hung up in the room, by circulating warm air and dehumidifying the space.

2021: V-Upgrade, instantly better

Instead of exchanging an appliance to benefit from more modern functions and programmes, V-ZUG's downloadable digital packages allow users to increase the choice of programmes and extend the life of Adora washing machine and tumble dryers.

2022: Powersteam, have it all

V-ZUG’s combi-steamer with microwave speeds up every baking process without compromising on quality, colour, texture and flavour.