A menu to celebrate

This year marks 111 years since V-ZUG’s foundation. To celebrate this unique anniversary, we’ve decided to prepare a special menu, collaboratively created by some of the most inspiring Swiss chefs and influenced by our country’s heritage.

As a company that manufactures kitchen appliances, we understand the importance that food has in our lives and in our planet as a whole. That’s why all the recipes in this menu ensure the best quality and the lowest impact on the environment. Plus they are healthy, easy to prepare and, of course, very special. As every day should be.

  • Sorrel tartlets with a cucumber drink by Silvio Germann

    When Silvio Germann played outside as a child, he used to pick sorrel and eat it on the spot. This sweet memory lives again in this dish, a starter that refreshes and stimulates the palate thanks to the acidity of the cucumber and sorrel, recalling the atmosphere of a Swiss garden in spring.
  • Carrot and chermoula tartare with emmer gremolata by Zizi Hattab

    Zizi Hattab transforms a simple carrot tartare into a dish that reflects her own identity. Chermoula, green olives and lemon zest give a North African flair to the recipe, while hemp seeds coming from a typical local plant add a source of Omega 3 and fatty acids. The result is both healthy and delicious.
  • White asparagus with lemon confit and beurre blanc by Dominik Hartmann

    Dominik Hartmann experiments with one of the most versatile Swiss spring vegetables: asparagus. Playing with the acidity of lemon, he balances out the beurre blanc, creating a light and refreshing dish. The secret? Making tarragon oil and vegetable stock yourself and buying in-season vegetables from local organic farmers.
  • Miso gnocchi with spinach and spring onion hollandaise by Tanja Grandits

    An extraordinarily tasty and eclectic vegetarian dish, that works both as a starter and a main course, both for special occasions and for everyday meals. Among the few simple ingredients it requires, the absolute king is spinach, a vegetable that Tanja Grandits reveres and uses for everything, even for morning smoothies.
  • Rhubarb dessert by Andreas Caminada

    Andreas Caminada conceived a unique dessert, in which rhubarb is interpreted in many ways and then combined, according to his own way of creating. In his hands, a plant that grows spontaneously in his garden becomes an ice cream, a juice, and a compote, turning into a typical, sophisticated, Caminada dish.

About the chefs

Silvio Germann

In 2012, after his training, Silvio Germann moved to Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau, where Andreas Caminada became his mentor and chef. After a notable stint at the D.O.M. restaurant in São Paulo with Brazilian chef Alex Atala, and earning two Michelin stars as the head chef of IGNIV Bad Ragaz, in 2022 he took over the Mammertsberg in Freidorf as head chef and host. He won Chef of the Year in 2023, and was also awarded with two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points.

Zizi Hattab

Zineb “Zizi” Hattab owns and operates three restaurants in Zurich: KLE, the only female-owned vegan restaurant in the world with a Michelin star, DAR, a Moroccan-Spanish restaurant with a green Michelin star, and COR, a Wine & Pintxo Bar. She was featured on The 50 Next list as one of the most influential professionals in the world for being an advocate for the destigmatization of veganism and breaking with gender bias and stereotypes in the world of gastronomy.

Dominik Hartmann

Dominik Hartmann was born and raised in Rickenbach, near Schwyz. This is also where he runs the restaurant Magdalena. A trained pastry chef and confectioner, he refined his skills with top Swiss chefs Andreas Caminada and Fabian Fuchs. In 2021, aged 29, he was awarded 17 points by GaultMillau whilst the Michelin Guide awarded his restaurant two stars, just eight months after its opening.

Tanja Grandits

Tanja Grandits opened her first restaurant in 2001, after having trained as a chef in Germany, London and the South of France. Seven years later, she took over the Restaurant Stucki in Basel, awarded with two Michelin stars in 2016 and 19 GaultMillau points in 2019. Born and raised in Germany, in 2023 Grandits became a full Swiss citizen and was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz for her "outstanding commitment as a culinary ambassador."

Andreas Caminada

In 2003 Andreas Caminada opened Schloss Schauenstein, a restaurant and hotel in a 17th century castle. It has three Michelin stars, 19 GaultMillau points and has been included on the World’s 50 Best restaurants list since 2011. Andreas Caminada’s world includes Casa Caminada, a guest house and restaurant with local specialties, as well as OZ, (one Michelin star). Under his leadership is also Mammertsberg (two Michelin stars, 18 GaultMillau points), as well as four IGNIV restaurants in Switzerland, in Bangkok, and in Andermatt (late 2024).